"Modern healthcare execs, understand that transformation is a product, not a tagline.
Planning, implementation, adoption- that's 'transformation roadmap' 101. Driving measurable transformation in real-time, that's our niche..." - CEO, nMED | Healthcare +

Transformation requires partnerships, appreciation of frontline workers, and leveraging the connections touchpoints create. nMED | Healthcare + is The Healthcare Modernization Brand- catalyzing transformation-ready organizations for rapid improvements to quality & experience for patients, employees, & staff.

Healthcare Leaders
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” Employee Experience, Quality Outcomes, Diversity & Inclusion, Automation, AI, Transformation…” for strategic leaders, initiative owners, and org buyers, sourcing the right productivity & management solutions with not only the best estimated ROI, but broadest and most useful application is simply put- challenging. 



Let us help with that.

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Experience Management

Learn Mobile Partnering for Frontline Insights & Exceptional Experience Management.  

Build your own use case and discover how our programs and training help in supporting your workload, frontline teams, and managers with confidence, reduced stress, and exceptional customer service.

If you’re interested in how our programs and training can help you

Project Management

nMED Designed Accelerated Iterative Programs to Take Your Project Management to the Next Level.

Strategic initiatives require dynamic team, resource, and knowledge management. Learn how our accelerated training programs break the traditional constraints for healthcare project management. 

If you’re interested in how our programs and training can help you

SLM (Service Level Management)

Level-up the Frontlines of Your Organization.

Professional development in vivo means real time support for real world challenges on the front lines and recognition for frontline managers and teams as they steer their own solutions from the front lines and feel included in broader strategic initiatives. 

If you’re interested in how our programs and training can help you

Quality Management

Accelerated Insights are Key to Managing Outcomes. Design & Own Tools to Best Mange Rapid Change with Real-Time Knowledge Checks &  Patient Safety Education.

Managing information and knowledge assessment is critical for long -term high-reliability, regulatory compliance, and during times of rapid change.  Regain balance and achieve zero harm with accelerated insights and custom built reports for small to large scale quality and safety initiatives.

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Clinical & Quality Improvement Professionals

nMED | Healthcare + Mobile Partnering Programs.

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Workforce Resilience Support

Real-time mobile partnering programs for workforce inclusion, process improvement, prontline partnering or authentic experience management.